It’s definitely safer to run the car of “Now”

 Talledega Super Speedway is one of those tracks that just oozes speed. In the old days, before restristor plate racing had evolved, the sky was the limit for speed. Awesome Bill Elliott went well over the 200 mile per hour range, but now it’s back down to the 195 to 200 mph…down huh? How would you like to be driving with a pack of 20 plus drivers, side by side going into a turn at those speeds! Some say they’d love to, but let me tell you, after riding with one of the Newman racing pros at Pocono at about the same speed only a few inches from the wall…it’s a thrill alright…but make sure you drain your bladder before you jump in the seat. As much as I still dislike restrictor plate racing due to it’s lack of break-away action, I am thoroughly impressed with the handling of the Car of the Future…which is now the Car of Today. When the ultimate winner of last week’s race, Kyle Busch, got tapped and went sideways, in the turn going about 195 and held on, straightened it up and went on to take the checkered flag…I was impressed. The down force on these cars, as well as the rigid chasis and front air dam requirements kept that car from flying through the air. The roof flaps, another great idea, opened as well, but the main reason for the better handling is the new car in the NASCAR Sprint series. Now of course, I still have a little problem with the organization being called the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing…stock car?..I don’t think so. I remember when the fenders and quarters came from the manufacturers, and when a Ford would win on Sunday…you’d sell more cars on Monday. Yes, the cars were also 2 doors, so that they would have an entry for the racing circuit, instead of taking the four door sedan model and calling it a race car.

 Saturday night racing has been taking a hit due to the rain in our area, but the Friday shows have turned in tons of excitement as usual. Names like Calaman, Rahmer, Hodnett and Cannon are getting their wins already in this young season. Some surprise victories have come in the larger arena of racing, including Ashley Force defeating multiple time NHRA champion John Force in Georgia….oh yea, that means she beat dear ol’ Dad, and knowing John Force, you know he didn’t just give it to her. Also, the young, light weight model named Danika Patrick, who is a real racer, took the win in Montegi Japan for her first win in the Indy Car Series. Congratulations to both of these tenacious competitors, who stuck to their guns with their driving ability despite their good looks, to prove the skeptics wrong…including me. I thought Ashley may have a chance as there have been other females like Muldowney, Angelle Sampey, and Troxell who have won major events and titles…but I just didn’t think Danika had it in her. She was recently chastised for her weight being under that of her other competitors, but where muscle was not as evident…her quickness and ability to concentrate was…my hat is off to her. Speaking of straight ahead racing…it looks like the Quarter Aces Drag-O-Way is ready to open in Boiling Springs…so now we have Sunday afternoon racing to go to …yea boy!
Next time I see you ..I hope it’s at the track…
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