January 2007 Racing Article

Happy New Year,,,It’s “Old Guy” 2007

First off…let me wish all of my readers all the best for the New Year. I am amazed how many people come up to me and comment about my monthly column. Thank you, your comments are appreciated. Now to the headline…I thought he retired! Am I surprised that Morton Anderson was called back into action in the National Football League only to become the highest ever scorer…nope. Am I surprised that Ricky Rudd has been asked to rejoin his old teammates at Robert Yates Racing…not at all. Both of these finesse positions cannot be taught to a young upstart no matter how talented he or she is. A driver feels it in his seat, the field goal kicker senses it on the arch of his foot, the basketball player sees the hoop as big as a trampoline when it’s right, and a home run hitter feels it the second the ball leaves the bat…it’s a feeling that is there to stay in an athlete…and it never fades. That’s why Mark Martin, Dale Jarrett, Bill Elliott, and Kenny Schrader can still run with the young guys…it’s the feel…but with a lot more wisdom, and a little more patience. It may take that young gun mentality and aggressiveness to win races, but in some cases, it’s still the turtle, not the hare that crosses the finish line first. Let me just mention the name …Smokey Snellbaker…need I say any more about a guy that is well into his years, but with good physical conditioning, and equipment…still wins…despite the gray hair. Go get-em veterans in 2007!
     One place you will see a lot of these drivers is at one of the many shows that will be taking place in the near future. Motorsports 2007 will be held again this year in Atlantic City with the show and the racing taking place January 12-14th on the boardwalk, and run again by the Area Auto Racing folks. The York Dirt Trackin’ Show will be held January 26-28, and promises to be even bigger than last year. The big differences between these two shows is the local flavor and hours. The show in Atlantic City will close earlier in the evening than years gone by, in the hope that fans will migrate to the racing arena. Also with the huge well-spent dollars by the vendors, Motorsports 2007 can afford to attract more of the big NASCAR names, teams, and tracks. The 24th annual Dirt Trackin’ Show has more of a local flavor, with more varied entertainment for the dollar. Tony Stewart will be represented, the Kasey Kahne #9 will also be on hand, but the local dirt sprinters to go-carts are the big draw…as well as their drivers, crews, and fans. The hours are the same as last year too, and will give the entrant plenty of time to see the over 120 vendors and nearly 200 display vehicles with the Friday hours from 4-10PM, Saturday 10-10, and Sunday 10-4.  The third main show for our area is the Trailway Speedway sponsored Motorama Show at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex. This show is also different in that it will be held on only two days February 17 & 18, plus has more of an emphasis on the fantastic racing in the main arena with dirt bikes and micros.
     The shows are a great way to renew friendships with those whom we have not seen for the last few months, talk about all the new drivers who have switched seats, try to figure out who’s going to be the dominant teams, and to just plain have “old” fun …while enjoying the beautifully prepared chariots for the upcoming 2007 season. I can almost smell the racing alcohol and tires burning!

Racing with the Wise Guy
The next time I see you…I hope it’s at A SHOW!

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