July Racing Article

Rain and Heat make for some tough racing this season…

I know we need the rain for all of the crops in South Central, Pennsylvania…and of course, our lawns too…but does it have to rain virtually every weekend! This is putting a strain on the local tracks, like the new Quarter Aces Drag-O-Way that took over for South Mountain…they lost every race opportunity in May! Other tracks are also feeling the pinch with events being canceled, and loads of rain checks being offered, but it is also hard on the fans and teams. Fans try to plan events for the weekend, bringing back the picnic atmosphere of years gone bye, only to have Mother Nature foil their plans. The teams work feverishly to get their cars to the track, sometimes thrashing late into the evening the night before, only to have the race canceled…sometimes after arriving at the track, and wasting money on tires and fuel only to have the Heavens open and bringing the night to a close. Features are made up, but again it’s tough on the teams as they have to almost double their costs for the evening, and then let’s talk about this year’s humidity…MAN! … it’s eating up the carburetors, air flow and ultimately motors to boot! Hopefully July will be a fairer month for us all.
Fred Rahmer made the most of the beginning of July, with his 11th Sprint Week Championship for the 410 sprints. Folks ask me who to watch for these challenges, and it seems like every year, no matter who he’s driving for, I have to say Fast Freddy. Sure Mark Smith Jeff Shepherd and the like are competitive, but the consistency has to go with Rahmer. Kudos Big Daddy….
Someone who is not acting his consist self is Indiana’s Tony Stewart for 2008. He is still winless this season, is is now looking for other options in 2009. Gibbs racing has finally given him his release from the team, so he is “listening” to all offers. I predict he will be buying his own team(s), as he is looking at the big picture so that he has a long shelf life in the NASCAR ranks. The Haas-CNC teams are really struggling this year, Haas is in jail, and Tony has the backing and the dollars to take over and make things happen. Keep an eye on his buddy Ryan Newman to join him wherever he goes, but I think that Home Depot will stay loyal to the Coach…especially after they have seen what he can do with new drivers to his team a.k.a. Kyle Bush….man that boy can drive, and he’s not getting rattled when something happens during the race that puts him back in the pack. I’m not sure where Greg Zippadelli, Tony’s crew chief, will go…but his is a true buddy to Tony…hmmm…and Chevrolet would love to have them both back.
A quick note…the Dirt Trackin’ Show  scheduled for January 23-25, 2009 is already getting started. The PWE wrestlers will be back, as will Pepka the Magician. The Route 61 band has been scheduled for Friday night’s activities, and the Baptones will be a part of the Sunday morning worship service. Reservations are being accepted for the show vendors and display spaces…that will definitely sell out again this year. Applications are available at www.dirttrackinshow.com. The Cruise scheduled for March 7-14 in the Eastern Caribbean is booking now as well, contact cruisegallouise2@aol.com or call 717-432-5136  for more information on this very, very affordable get-away cruise.

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