October Racing Article

And the Champion…will not be allowed to compete again…

     It finally happened. Due to the new rules and interesting competitive wrinkle NASCAR has put on the Nextel Cup championship called the Chase, last year’s winner Tony Stewart, even if he had a great run down the stretch, will not be “allowed” to receive another trophy. What is going on here? I understand that other professional sports must have playoffs. The White Sox are out of the playoffs this year, so that they will not be able to repeat…but why do sports like basketball and football go to this method for determining their champion? Because they play at various places each week with the numerous teams…hello!…racers go to the same track all together…there is no need for a playoff grid when all the competitors play (race) at the same facility every week! The racing fraternity prides itself in the ability to be consistent. The long haul, being there at the end, and save the car are all the terms endeared in the pits. This transfers to our family cars, in that the innovations provided to the cars at the track, eventually end up going down Main Street. The final stretch at any track is what separates the men from the boys. Some teams can have a great spurt at the beginning, but falter when the going gets tough. Imagine in the Boston Marathon if after four-fifths of the race was over, the officials stopped the race, brought all the runners back together, and then finished the race. It would change the entire complexion of the event … and that’s exactly what NASCAR has done. If the driver is mathematically eliminated with only a few races to go..then there’s a chase in it’s true sense. It’s great to see Mark Martin in there, as well as Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin…but no smoke makes me sad.
     Speaking of close races, how ’bout the Busch series? Now that’s exciting…let a guy who’s team is in the Nextel Chase compete on a regular basis with teams that have one car in their stable, and are “learning” to drive at the tracks…what’s he got now a 600 point lead on second place Carl Edwards? There’s competition…let the varsity guy win everything from the J.V. competitors. I know it’s a great way for these up and comers to learn, but maybe limit the number of races anyone who competes in a Cup car can run, or maybe just the guys that don’t qualify for the main race get to run the Busch race that weekend…hmmmm..
     Locally tracks are feeling the autumn cold, and beginning to wind things down, but there are still a lot of events coming to our area. Susquehanna will be hosting the Pumpkin Enduro race on October 7th, the Fall Classic on the 20th and 21st, ARDC Midgets and micros on the 28th during the Candy Bowl, and the Turkey 200 Enduro on November the 11th. There will also be a race car flea market at Susqui on Nov 4th, and the Grove will be having one sponsored by the Williams Grove Steam Engine Association October 27 and 28. Trailway will be hosting their 4th annual Kart Classic on October the 21st, which will wind up their season. Lincoln will be racing in October up until the 21st and then hold their own flea market on November 11.
     It’s almost over…but as we all know in racing, as soon as the last checkered flag falls it’s time to start getting things ready for next year. The next time I see you…I hope it’s at the track…

Kirk M. Wise – the “Wise Guy”
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