November Monthly Racing Article

It’s Not Over ‘Til The Fat Lady Sings…or at least until the last motor shuts off!

Another season is just about in the bag, but racers and promoters just keep finding ways, even into the snow covered months, to quench their insatiable thirst for racing. Even though Susquehanna Speedway Park has decided their division champions for 2007 including Carl Billet, Paul Morgan, Mike Goodwin, Ed Hollenbach, and Kendra Knaub, there is still one more racing event slated to take place on November 10th called appropriately, the Turkey 200 Enduro Race…plus their banquet that will be held on January 26th. Yes it is the same weekend as the 25th Annual Dirt Trackin’ Show at the York Expo Center, but Todd and I will be working together on the timing to make sure that all goes well for the teams so they don’t miss too much at the show. Other tracks will be hosting flea markets where teams will be swapping out old parts for newer ones, or changing divisions and selling their old car for something more spectacular. Even though it’s not on the same lot…the Silver Spring Speedway Racing Flea market will still pack ’em in at the State Farm Show parking lot in Harrisburg.

Lincoln Speedway crowned Fred Rahmer as it’s track champion this year in the 410 sprints, Cory Haas in the 358’s, Duane Watson in the Thundercars, and Shaun Jones in the Late Models. Their racing flea market is also scheduled on November 10th with their banquet being held at the Holiday Inn in York on November 17th. Congratulations go to all champs of the divisions that run at Trailway Speedway including Todd Hoover, Jerry Lynch, Dwayne Gutshall, Jeff Rohrbaugh, Craig Wagaman, Doug Bennett, Chase Eckert, Joseph Flanary, and Dylan Keim. Their awards banquet is slated for November 10th (don’t look for many racers and fans to be around on the 10th…they’ll be busy somewhere) at the New Oxford Social Club and also hosting the Motorama Show on February 16th and 17th in Harrisburg. William’s Grove Speedway will be crowning Todd Shaffer, Pat Cannon, Frankie Herr, Tyler Hershey, Kory Sites and John Stoll Jr. as the champions for the 2007 season in their respective divisions also on November 10th at the Radisson in Camp Hill.
    Straight ahead racers from South Mountain Dragway will be celebrating the end of the season in January with Ash Senft taking the Super crown, Garrett Suders in the Pro class, Joe Nonemaker in bike/snowmobile, Richard Zeigler in Street Car , Chase Fahnestock as the Junior Dragster champ, Courtney Suders in the Ladies Challenge, Nick Thoman in the High School Eliminator, and John Atticks in Street to Strip. The Mountain will be under new ownership next year, but kudos have got to go to Ron & Ethel Wallace and their team of employeesand partners for sustaining the strip for so many years. Stanley Dye will do a great job at the helm, as he is a real racer with lots of ideas to improve what the Wallace dynasty left him to work on.

The Busch Grand Nationl title will go to Carl Edwards for 2007, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck crown will be won by either Ron Hornaday or Mike Skinner, and the Nextel Cup…well.. barring a total collapse by either Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson, the championship trophy will be in the Hendrick’s stable for another year…but with who’s name on it. When you hear the fat lady sing at the Homestead-Miami Speedway…you and I will know for sure.
Next time I see you…I hope it’s at the track!

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