October Racing Article

Fall is Here Again….

     Yes, another year has all but come to a close for our racing season here in Central Pennsylvania. Champions have been crowned, and the driver’s seat merry-go-round has begun. But does the racing season ever really end? For the real champions and their teams …the answer is a resounding NO!. Let’s take for example 2008 track champions Fred Rahmer, Frankie Herr, and Pat Cannon. These three drivers run at the top of their divisions year in and year out not only because they are very talented, but because they run their teams like an ongoing business that never sits still. Rahmer could have gone to a larger venue, but instead due to his love of family and our area, he stayed put. He also likes the idea of not only driving the car, but having a hand in it’s preparation. I have known Frankie Herr since his go karting days at Hunterstown. He has always been very focused on his performance, safety, and professionalism, whether he was driving for some one else, or his own team. Every year he wins….why?… because he never stops tweaking, adjusting, searching for improvements, and striving to be the very best that he can be…every year. He, as well as most of the other champions, not only talks the talk…they walk the walk. I know other drivers that tell you that they have really put in the effort, but then they don’t even show up at the shop but a few nights out of the month to help prepare for the next week, and to just make the team a more cohesive bunch. Pat Cannon comes from a racing family, of a very talented brother driver named Steve, to a champion in his own right father and school teaching mother. They were always there for both boys every week to support their efforts, and the family that stayed together…won together. When these drivers get into victory lane and thank the team, wives, and families…they mean it. All have sacrificed dearly for the driver to get into victory lane…but without them…and of course their sponsors for the dollar juice…they would not be able to acc omplish their goals.
     Some drivers that also have some lofty goals are those in the Sprint Chase. Man, I’d love to see Jeff Burton win the championship…and it is possible, but with the likes of Jimmi Johnson, Carl Edwards, and now Greg Biffle peaking at just the right time, it’s gonna be rough. I would not count out the Wild Child Kyle Bush, but I think he shot off his cannon early this year, and now when consistency is of the utmost importance…it’s just not there for him. I still am not a big proponent of the Chase procedure for evening out the field for the last ten races of the year…but it does make for an exciting finish….but does it really reward consistency for the entire year…not really.
     Get ready for the shows, and the phone calling for sponsorships…they are just around the corner.

Next time I see you …I hope it’s at the track
submitted by: Kirk M. Wise – Racing with the Wise Guy
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