Racing Is A Team Affair…March Racing Article

     We have often heard the phrase “There is no I in team”. That resolve has never been more evident than in this past Super Bowl, when the underdog Giants beat the next to perfect Patriots. They didn’t have as many big names, but they had heart and the strength of their team to draw upon. The same goes in racing, as the weakest link, or lug nut, can take a team from victory lane to the garage in an instant. The Rocket Man, Ryan Newman, has always been good a qualifying, but has struggled in the late stages of the actual race when it came to his finishing position. Daytona had alluded Penske Racing for thirty years, until teammate Kurt Busch put the nose of his #2 Miller car on the back bumper of the #12 Alltel and pushed it past the rest of the pack to victory in the biggest win of Newman’s career during the Sprint Cup season opening Daytona 500. That’s teamwork! Sure, the men in the pits, the spotters, engine builders, fabricators, and the rest of the huge team also had to do their jobs, but it was the extra effort of another team’s driver that made the difference. Solid teams will produce solid finishes in every sport, that is why many are picking the Johnson and Gordon teams under the tutelage of Rick Hendricks to repeat their championship ways already. The season has just begun, but if it comes to a solid, well established, veteran team to win…they have it in Aces.
     Speaking of aces, South Mountain Dragway is no more, in name only, as Stanley Dye of Carlisle is taking it back to the original name of Quarter Aces Drag-o-way. He is spending a lot of time and money to bring this track into the 21st century. There will probably not be a lot of changes in personnel, or divisions, but the facility itself will be really nice…I can’t wait to do a little straight ahead racing in Mt. Holly this year. 
     The local tracks will most likely still be trying to get their season openers in when this article hits, so now is the time for me to get on my annual soap box regarding starting the season in the freezing, wet winter months when fans, engines, new clay and teams alike suffer…why not race into the fall months. Look, I don’t know of a single racer that plays football, so drop the excuse that too many fans would go to the high school football games instead of going to the tracks. Teams don’t even have time for local football, as their summer practices would conflict with our actual racing season. O.K. ..let Williams Grove end their season, but Lincoln, Susquehanna and Hagerstown could run easily into November on Saturday nights if they wanted…end of speech. None the less, after the show dust has now settled…it’s time to go racing!!!
     Quick note…I had the opportunity to spend an evening talking about the old days with a few members of the York County Racing Club, including president Paul Miller. He took me back to the days when racing was a hobby, and more fun, not just driven by the almighty dollar. He reminisced about when he used to be in victory lane and be presented with his winnings for the evening, including chickens, pizza, gift certificates for dinners, and even pears. He jumped in a rig one day and went the whole way from his home in York to Daytona to get his season winnings for running in the Sunshine State…the total amount…$ how things have changed, not that they are not warranted, but pears?
     By the way…my son and I are unfortunately Raiders fans…but God love the New York Giants!
Next time I see you, I hope it’s at the track…
Kirk M. Wise…Racing with the Wise Guy
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